TheViewPoint Integrates with FreeWheel

Our integration with FreeWheel will help streaming publishers process Direct IOs with the speed and automation of Programmatic.

CTV Ad Monetization Guidebook

This white paper takes a granular look at the CTV ecosystem, supply chain, and inventory monetization models.

International Women’s Day 2023

There have been many ways the women at TheViewPoint have practiced the values of #EmbraceEquity in the workplace. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

How Tech Providers Prevent CTV Ad Fraud by Filtering Out Invalid Traffic

Invalid traffic (IVT) poses a serious problem within today’s advertising ecosystem, and it’s one that we as an industry need to be tackling head-on. Even though IVT isn’t a new problem within our industry, it’s more relevant than ever given the tremendous growth we’re seeing within the CTV space—and the tremendous challenges that IVT poses within the CTV space specifically.

How Tech Providers Prevent CTV Ad Fraud by Filtering Out Invalid Traffic

In this post, we'll dig into what publishers and advertisers need to know about IVT, particularly within the growing CTV space.

Ad Tech Companies Are Back in Cannes, Are You?

In 2022, for the first time since the pandemic, the Cannes Marketing Festival returns to France’s coastline for a celebration of Sustainability; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Data and Technology; Brand Creativity and Effectiveness; Talent, and Business Transformation.

Opportunities and Risks for AdTech Investors

Let’s dig deeper into the matter of SPAC companies and find out what advantages they possess particularly for AdTech owners and partners.

Origins and Pioneers of AdTech: 2010-2022

From the first desktop sidebar ads during the 1990s through the advent of mobile advertising, to the cross-device individual user recognition capabilities of CTV marketing platforms today, the evolution of online advertising has been rapid. When things change so fast, it can be easy to lose sight of how far the industry has come and forget the most crucial aspect of advertising: making sales.

AI In CTV AdTech: Streamlining The Ad Bidding Process

For CTV marketing professionals, the value of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology lies not only in its capacity to handle massive datasets and streamline outcome prediction but in its ability to facilitate seamless, real-time communication between CTV-ecosystem stakeholders.

TheViewPoint Complements VlogBox’s Inventory Monetization Potential

Learn how VlogBox increased monetization revenues with TheViewPoint's transparent flat fee business model and private ad exchange.

Success Story: TheViewPoint & VlogBox

TheViewPoint’s ready-made tools have entirely met VlogBox’s requirements of transparent pricing, monetization revenue growth, and COPPA compliant advertisements.

Origins and Pioneers of AdTech: 1990s-2010

When the first ad ever came out, marketers and customers were excited by the new technology in the world of advertising. TV and advertising technology is already changing by the minute, giving room for even more rapid innovations in the coming years. However, in order to prepare for the future, it is important to take some time to explore some key milestones in the history of digital advertising.

What’s to Come in Ad Tech M&A in 2022 and Beyond?

As CTV remains one of the hottest sectors for M&A, Daniel Elad, chief strategy officer at TheViewPoint (which was itself yesterday acquired by Tatari) shares his opinion on the underlying trends and makes forecasts for the market dynamics in the years to come.

Tatari Acquires TheViewPoint

TheViewPoint has been acquired by Tatari, the leading data and analytics platform for buying and measuring ads on both linear and streaming TV.

OTT Can Benefit from Semantic Contextual Targeting

Semantic keyword targeting is a cookie-free solution designed to make the most of the content publishers create and is proven to be more effective at accurately reaching audiences in a targeted manner.

Data-Driven TV: the Future of Television or an Unrealistic Concept?

Data-driven technologies provide substantial benefits for targeting that increase ad effectiveness while decreasing spending at the same time. To put it briefly, it’s just generally better than traditional linear TV advertising for all parties involved.

TheViewPoint is Now Certified by Extreme Reach Video Ad Server

TheViewPoint, a SaaS video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, is now certified by Extreme Reach, the global leader in creative logistics, to run Extreme Reach VAST tags.

TheViewPoint Starts A Full Ad Stack Partnership with Zone·tv

TheViewPoint, a SaaS video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, has partnered with Zone·tv, a pioneer of personalized pay-TV channels powered by AI, to provide it with refined ad management and optimization solutions.

Reasons Why Ad Viewability Measurement Matters

In this post, we’ll figure out what ad viewability is, how to apply viewability measurement to the Connected TV industry and how to benefit from doing so.

TheViewPoint Releases from Beta the TVP Intelpoint Machine Learning Algorithm for Bidding Optimization

TheViewPoint, a SaaS video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, after successful Beta tests has officially released its one-of-a-kind machine learning algorithm, TVP Intelpoint, which is now applied on the platform by default. The solution aligns demand-side platforms (DSPs) with matching CTV inventory through smart bidding optimization.

Header Bidding Explained in Detail

So, what is header bidding all about? With this automated auction technology, publishers always know how to sell advertising inventory for the best price possible. This technique is popular, but not so many CTV publishers have mastered it. That is why we suggest taking a look at this article to know how header bidding works.

Exploring New OTT Media Frontiers in Latin America

The digital infrastructure in Latin America is evolving, while demand for streaming entertainment is raging due to the pandemic. Though the OTT (over-the-top) space is relatively nascent there, it is poised for growth. This forces established content providers on par with early-stage publishers to redirect their efforts towards the booming LatAm ground before competitors take root. As for the advertisers, they usher opportunities to diversify their audiences.

Video Industry and Content Trends You Should Get Excited About in 2022

In 2021 the average American spent 80 minutes per day watching CTV content, an increase of nearly 9% compared with 2020, as mentioned in this eMarketer report, and even more growth is forecast for 2022. The market is growing and as it expands so too will the financial opportunities, with CTV accounting for 10% of tidal display programmatic spending in the US. Where there is financial opportunity, innovation inevitably follows and the huge shift towards streaming over traditional TV means there are new opportunities for advertisers. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting.

TheViewPoint Integrates with BidSwitch for Streamlined Access to the Global Programmatic Demand Ecosystem

TheViewPoint, video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, partnered with BidSwitch, an infrastructure-level technology that facilitates trading connectivity for more than 300 demand- and supply-side platforms through a single integration.

The Key Players In The CTV OS Ecosystem – And What They’re After

Operating systems have often been overlooked when discussing the fragmented ecosystem of connected TV. But as the hunger for connected TVs grows among consumers, more and more gatekeepers of the CTV world explore new OS frontiers. Despite the existing variability in CTV software, there’s still no clear leader in the space.

CTV Consumption in the USA and Europe: How the Popular Video Industry is Taking Shape

People have cut the cord and switched to video on demand from linear TV, discovering more apps and channels and spending more time using streaming services. But the way CTV develops differs depending on the location of the potential market, and today we will review the most prominent of them – the US and Europe. What are the peculiarities of CTV’s popularity in those regions and what is special about the audiences and trends there? Let’s find out.

CTV Measurement Is Gaining Ground Despite Adoption Challenges

So how do we measure CTV ads? Let’s take a closer look at what tools marketers can put to use to make measuring advertising effectiveness less daunting and get more out of their investment on the big screen.

TheViewPoint Partners with Stirista to Unlock the Power of Connected TV

TheViewPoint, a SaaS video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, today announced a new partnership with Stirista, the leader in data-driven SaaS marketing solutions in providing premium programmatic CTV inventory.

30-Second Ads and Their Journey From Linear to Connected TV

The TV ad world settled into the routine of 30-second ad spots in the early 1970s as inflation and other market changes cut ads down from a full minute, and the format has been holding strong ever since. Its capability to tell a story, create emotional impact and communicate the brand have all helped this enduring format retain its position in the changing world of TV commercial messaging. And while linear TV keeps moving towards shorter ad spots lately, the 30-second ad is on the rise for CTV.

Programmatic Advertising vs Direct Buying: Tips to Solve the Dilemma

The direct vs programmatic battle is not actually much of a battle. While direct media buying is not going anywhere yet, the general automation trend will eventually leave it on the sidelines.

TheViewPoint Announces New Partnership with Cinedigm

TheViewPoint, a SaaS video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, has partnered with Cinedigm, a leading independent streaming company, to expand Cinedigm’s monetization opportunities in the CTV space.

What Is Ads.txt and Can It Prevent Fraud in Programmatic Advertising?

Ads.txt was released by the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab in 2017 with the aim of preventing different types of fraudulent actions, such as domain spoofing and inventory arbitrage. It helps make the supply chain of online advertising clearer and more transparent as well as making things more complicated for fraudsters looking to sell inventory stolen from media buyers and publishers. In December 2020 IAB Tech Lab released ads.txt for connected TV because the complex CTV market required more transparency in cooperation between media buyers and publishers.

The Power of Pre-Roll Ads in the CTV Ecosystem

CTV advertising allows marketers to reach viewers who just aren’t there for traditional TV commercials. To help them make the most of CTV advertising, we’re going to talk about the ins and outs of the most common type of streaming video advertisement: the in-stream pre-roll ad.

TheViewPoint Launched Its CTV-first Ad Serving Solution: TVP Next

TVP Next goes above and beyond to bring CTV publishers and broadcasters enhanced control over the process of ad delivery. For instance, with CTV sellers’ needs in mind, TVP Next offers various types of integrations, like VAST, VMAP, SDK, and header bidding, which is able to run unified auctions among multiple demand partners.

How to Make the Most of the CTV Revolution: Get Interactive

Daniel Elad, chief strategy officer at TheViewPoint, explains the huge potential of CTV, its ad formats and the benefits to publishers and advertisers. And it’s an interactive future.

Data Management Platforms: What Are They Used For and When?

There’s no denying that we live in a world where data is king. More data generated by consumers means more opportunities for businesses. Every action taken by a customer online is recorded and can then be utilized to improve marketing, achieve higher engagement and generally get more for your budget. But pure, unprocessed data is virtually useless – it needs to be organized and analyzed to deliver valuable insights. This is what DMPs (or data management platforms) are used for.

5 Digital Publishing Trends to Follow in 2021

The digital world is on the brink of big changes. Publishers will see their workflows evolve significantly, at least because it will be their responsibility to provide reliable user data for targeting once shareable cookies leave the space. On top of that, they keep on facilitating advanced ad delivery and driving engagement with affluent audiences. To succeed in this shifting environment, digital publishers will have to commit to changes.

DSP vs SSP: the Difference between CTV Advertising Platforms

On CTV there are two main ad management platforms: DSPs and SSPs. Advertisers that are not familiar with the technical side of the business often get confused between these two. So let’s take a look at the main differences between DSP and SSP platforms, and try to understand why the formulation “SSP vs DSP” makes no sense at all.

Is Bundling Streaming’s New Jet Pack?

Bundling is the obvious way for viewers to spend less to satisfy their growing appetite for content. As for streaming networks, some anticipate higher subscriber churn of the post-COVID times, and thus look for new competitive strategies to adopt.

Private Marketplaces in CTV Advertising

Digital is still a young and developing part of the marketing industry. It is therefore evident that with further advancement, there will be more and more buzzwords popping up. One such concept, the private marketplace (PMP), is becoming a common phrase among Connected TV (CTV) professionals.

TheViewPoint Has Become a Privacy Shield Framework Member

While expanding clientship across both American and European continents, TheViewPoint took steps to enhance existing privacy procedures by obtaining a EU-U.S Privacy Shield Framework certification.

TheViewPoint Announces its Partnership with Firework

TheViewPoint, video ad monetization platform for CTV/ OTT publishers, has partnered with Firework, the leading short video web story platform for digital publishers, businesses, and media buyers, to assist in ad monetization of Firework’s inventory.

How To Navigate The CTV Supply Labyrinth

One of the key concerns surrounding the CTV space is undoubtedly the transparency of its supply chains. The fragmentation of the sprawling landscape filled with many walled garden ecosystems makes routing impressions resemble chasing the white rabbit. So, let’s attempt to clear things up.

CTV Fragmentation: What You Need to Know

The plethora of apps, platforms and devices confuses not only viewers who face tough decisions at every stage, but also marketers who struggle to find one right way to reach and measure their audiences.

The Role of First-party and Second-party Data in CTV Targeting

The rise of the connected television industry owes much to pandemic lockdowns, but nonetheless, the changes in content consumption will likely stay for much longer. And if there are more engaged people, then there are obvious marketing benefits for advertisers to collect. Ad buyers can plainly see the benefits as the possibilities unlocked by incremental reach, unique audiences, precise performance measurements, and ever-increasing viewer rates turn into magnets for their ad dollars.

TheViewPoint Unlocks the OTT Space for Caracol TV

TheViewPoint, a video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, has teamed up with Caracol TV, one of Colombia’s most popular national television networks, to provide the broadcaster with the retrofitting opportunities of the OTT advertising.

How AI Is Bringing Intelligence to TV Screens

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been creating quite a stir across all industries, including the Connected TV (CTV) realm. In fact, it has already switched from being an attribute of siloed players to become something most actors dip their toes into.

5 New Consumer Buying Habits That Can Transform Your Business

Technology is an engine of change that has slowly but surely transformed the world, down to the smallest facets of daily lives. It drives new needs, creates new patterns, and replaces older norms with newer ones. And advertising is one of the most change-sensitive commercial fields, due to its constant effort to match people’s preferences and surpass their expectations. While user demands shift and habits emerge, advertisers have to either keep up or bear the losses.

Why You Should Look into Addressable TV Advertising

Addressable advertising is one of the noteworthy trends that emerged relatively recently but appears to have already won over all the parties involved in broadcast TV and CTV marketing.

The Power of Emotional Targeting in Advertising

People only spend a millisecond to know if they like what they see. Functions like that save our brain energy, since processing everything logically often takes more time and effort than is needed. For advertisers, that means that ads have only a split-second to get someone’s attention – and stay in their memories.

TheViewPoint Teams Up with Digital Media Rights to Drive Ad Monetization

TheViewPoint, a SaaS video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, has partnered with DMR (Digital Media Rights), one of the world’s largest content aggregators, distributors, and channel publishers, to amplify ad monetization of the DMR’s inventory.

What is Ad Exchange? Benefits for Publishers and Advertisers

As digital advertising continues to take over marketing budgets, there is a need to demystify the role of an ad exchange platform. Despite being an integral part of online ad campaigns, many publishers and advertisers are not well versed in the benefits that this technological mediator provides.

Automatic Content Recognition (ACR): Whys and Hows

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about ACR: what is the meaning of ACR, where it applies, who supplies it, and how it can be used in the most effective way.

Understanding the Roaring Twenties of Digital Marketing in 2021

After cultural and economic devastation, the post-COVID-19 era is likely to usher unique opportunities in many aspects of our lives, including marketing. MarTech players are voicing curiosity about the new normal and how to secure a profitable place in it. Thus, the time is right to reconsider established approaches and resolve long-lasting dilemmas while preparing for the exciting days ahead.

Unlocking Interactivity for CTV

Interactivity is undoubtedly the next big step in the Connected TV industry’s evolution, one that drastically distinguishes it from linear and is believed to further boost an already impressive growth. Therefore, it’s not surprising that interactive CTV (iCTV) ads are on the radar of both publishers and advertisers. Despite being a relatively nascent instrument, such ads have already proved to be highly effective when compared to traditional in-stream ones.

How to Avoid Ad Repetition in CTV with Frequency Capping

When it comes to the technical background, with the growing popularity of OTT advertising brands can benefit from more advanced targeting capabilities. Nevertheless, there’s still a risk of losing some viewers by showing them the same ad repeatedly. To save your ad budget and potential clients, frequency capping can be set on the impressions you serve.

CTV Programmatic Buying 101

As more viewers join the CTV community, more advertising solutions are popping up. Programmatic is no longer a novelty here. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing sections technology-wise in the entire field. Some platforms even offer artificial intelligence buying! So let’s have a look at how (and why) this all works.

Ad Pod And its Friends: Delivering the Best CTV Ad Experiences

Aiming to stand out from the crowd and surpass consumers’ expectations, CTV advertisers have to be allied with publishers and very savvy at applying innovative advertising techniques, like frequency capping, competitive ad separation, and deduplication. Though still raising a lot of eyebrows, these tools have already become the next big thing in the advertising world. So, before diving deep into the details of ad pod management, let’s take a sneak peek behind the scenes of modern CTV play.

BVOD Advertising: One of the Smartest Choices in 2021

BVOD advertising, with the acronym standing for broadcast video on demand, is a remarkably lucrative market going into 2021. On-demand services have exploded in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and BVOD was no exception. These changes are becoming permanent as the pandemic keeps people inside their homes, meaning that demand for BVOD services will only continue to grow.

When CTV Supply Outstrips Demand: How to Thrive in a Competitive Market?

According to eMarketer, CTV ad spend will reach almost $11 billion by 2021. Advertisers who have already embraced the power of CTV appreciate its flexibility, targeting, and reach. Yet advertisers also face a list of hurdles.

How to Make Sure Your CTV Inventory is in the Right Hands

Despite relations between advertisers and publishers having their moments, both parties go above and beyond in their troubleshooting techniques to make them work. A real breakthrough in this area belongs to private marketplaces and direct deals, which laid the first stones of path optimization. Yet, it was only with the introduction of the header bidding technology when relationships between publishers and advertisers were taken to the next level. New Demand Path Optimization (DPO) methods address transparency with great commitment. However, in order to widely adopt them, publishers do need some reassurance.

TheViewPoint and Undertone Interactive CTV Partnership

TheViewPoint, a SaaS video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, partnered with Undertone, a leader in data-driven, Intelligent High Impact campaigns, to join forces in the acceleration of Interactive CTV ad formats.

Addressable TV Ad Measurement: Will We See Groundbreaking Solutions In 2021?

The popularity of connected TV advertising is surging despite the pandemic, demonstrating high streaming viewership and ad spend expected to total $8.11B by the end of 2020 and increase up to $11.36B in 2021. However, while CTV offers advanced targeting, audience reach, and flexibility in running campaigns, not everything runs as smoothly when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

TheViewPoint is Certified by Innovid to Run Interactive CTV Ads

TheViewPoint, a Saas video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, is now certified by Innovid, an independent omni-channel advertising, and analytics platform built for television, to run Interactive CTV ads.

China is the Next Boom Market for Connected TV Advertising and Over the Top Marketing

Connected TV (CTV) viewership is well on its way to setting new records. It has been snowballing within the last few years, and Covid-19 has boosted its gains substantially. But while the general trend of CTV consumption is up, up, up, different markets around the world show variations on that trend.

Decrypting Ad Tech with Daniel Elad, Chief Strategy Officer at TheViewPoint

Despite its promising growth, CTV advertising remains a mystery to many publishers and advertisers because of its novelty in the ad tech industry. We know that a CTV is any device that can be connected to the internet for video streaming services. In fact, as viewers, we might already be using CTV and OTT services ourselves.

Brand Advertising Reimagined: How to Boost Your Business with CTV Ads

Great products and outstanding services are never enough to make your brand successful. All digital video advertising campaigns are aimed at improving brand awareness. The only way to beat the competition and make the most of your business is to establish a unique, attention-grabbing, and memorable brand.

Connected TV Ads and the Holidays: Leveraging Merry Opportunities

Now the holiday season is not far off, and as advertising-based video-on-demand (AVOD) viewing time hits record levels, savvy marketers just can’t leave CTV ads out of their holiday timetables.

Confessions of a CTV Publisher: How Much is the Cut?

Speaking of ad budget efficiency, behemoth supply-side platforms (a.k.a. walled garden ecosystems) are the reason smaller publishers are on the way to creating their own first-party data pools. They want to offer an alternative to the demand-side that’s pondering becoming less dependent on Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook (GAFA).

TheViewPoint Partners with BidMind to Expand Demand Partners Network

TheViewPoint, an ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers and broadcasters, has partnered up with BidMind, a self-serve demand-side platform, to provide premium access to its exclusive inventory.

Walled Gardens Transparency and the Cost of Obscurity: Will 2021 Be Different?

The walled gardens situation is on everyone’s lips, as it pushes ad-tech peers on both buying and selling sides to fight over the scraps remaining after the industry titans saved the best ad budget slices for themselves.

5G-powered Future of OTT Entertainment and Advertising: What is on the Horizon?

The boom in smart-home technology plays a decisive role in the growth of “connectivity craving” — consumer demand for fast, safe, and consistent access to content wherever and whenever users want it. With 5G looming on the horizon, connectivity and content consumption seem to be moving to the next level.

Getting Closer with CTV Audiences: an Advertiser’s Guide to Key Viewer Groups

Every single person is a unique universe with their own wants. Advertisers who are on the way to boosting their businesses via CTV should clearly understand the background and motivations of their audiences. So here are brief outlines of the all four generations that are consuming streaming video via CTV today.

Advertisers’ scale Pan: What’s the weight difference between SPO and direct partnership?

Despite digital television already establishing itself as an efficient advertising channel, there are still challenges to be resolved. For the time being, one of the main roadblocks obstructing ad dollars here is the lack of supply chain transparency. The gap between advertisers and publishers is ubiquitously filled with dozens of intermediary actors and altogether they shape a so-called supply chain.

Tricky Tracking: Inside CTV’s Metric Room

Brands use diverse touchpoints to impact their target audience, and online interaction via CTV is the standard bearer. Yet, ad message delivery is a delicate art. It’s not just about declaring brands’ solutions that are designed to meet prospects’ needs and wants. It’s about resonating with the context of an ad slot, and staying on the same page with the audience. It’s about advertisers’ values (working alongside the company’s mission), their attempts to run a business in a socially responsible manner, and making a go of it.

The Ad Server Explained: What Role Does it Play?

What is an ad server? The confusion around this question originates from the technical side of digital advertising, and mostly because of the term “server” that is naturally associated with programming. What is more, the modern advertising world is huge and diverse, so it might be hard to distinguish every set of ad instrument and remember the difference.

The Double-Edged Sword of Server-Side Ad Insertion

Yet, along with the interest, buyers and sellers across ad tech, look at SSAI technology with caution. Being one of the most crucial innovations since 2017 that has allowed OTT video to become a viable industry, SSAI, at the same time, is fraught with the risk of ad fraud. But, before taking a closer look at issues SSAI brings in, let’s first figure out what makes it so attractive.

COVID: The Driving Force For Growth in the CTV Ad Ecosystem

COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior — and, therefore, the whole digital advertising ecosystem. There has been a huge rise in streaming media services and viewership. For marketers, this significant increase in viewership is a wonderful opportunity to reach a larger audience and implement advanced targeting strategies into their advertising campaigns.

Ad Network vs Ad Exchange: The Definitions, Evolution, and Key Differences

Navigating the numerous platforms and partners available on the ad tech market can feel confusing. Some entities seem to serve the same purpose at first glance, as it is when you compare ad network vs ad exchange. Similar to the confusion over the difference between sdk and api, their places within the programmatic supply chain significantly differ and are worth explaining.

Everything You Need to Know About Real-Time Bidding

As programmatic advertising is gaining momentum, RTB or real-time bidding comes in. In fact, most platforms in ad tech today are RTB enabled. But what does that actually mean? What is an RTB platform and why is it so important for digital marketers? Let’s get the answers to these questions and more.

Ad Exchange 2020: What’s on the Radar?

Advertisers are eager to reach out to their prospects online, and publishers use this opportunity to generate ample revenue streams. An ad exchange is a place where they come together to achieve this goal. Although the traditional ad exchange model is designed to bring the utmost benefits to each party, there are still pitfalls and gaps to be resolved.

CTV – Advertising’s Much-Needed Silver Lining: Q&A with Daniel Elad, TheViewPoint

In this exclusive Q&A with ExchangeWire, Daniel Elad, chief strategy officer at TheViewPoint, discusses the current state of the video publisher scene and how technology can help brands recover from COVID and grasp the opportunities provided by CTV.

How Will COVID-19 Impact Advertising & Subscription Video on Demand in 2020?

AVOD (advertising video on demand) has always been considered SVOD’s (subscription video on demand) poor cousin. But with the dawn of 2020, AVOD was supposed to take the limelight pushing aside SVOD. However, with the onset of COVID-19, things changed dramatically. In this article, Daniel Elad, CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER , TheViewPoint, talks about how COVID-19 will affect both AVOD and SVOD in the coming year.

Geo-Fencing: The Door to Your Ad Campaign Success

Marketing trends pop up with unfailing regularity, but not many of them stay afloat. Unlike one-day fads, geo-fencing is a technology that proves its relevance and efficiency in the long run.

Turning Each Ad Impression into a Sale: Direct Response Marketing on Connected TV

Targeting DRM shoppers made easy. Get to know how CTV is gaining momentum as an advertising channel. Are you ready to meet your brand’s ambitious growth goals?

How to Safeguard and Grow OTT, CTV Ad Revenues During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every industry, including the media sector, providing both challenges and opportunities. Among widespread travel restrictions, postponed or canceled live sports events (the Tokyo Olympics, for instance), and a dense cloud of uncertainty, the global advertising industry is slowing to a crawl in some ways and swiftly pivoting in others.

Transparency Quest: Is There any Escape?

The TV industry keeps on developing and creating new business models for market players. In this article, we will talk about the latest challenges that the digital TV environment faces and what solutions have already been found.

Future Without Cookies And Advanced TV Advertising Perspectives

The ad tech industry is turbulent now. At the beginning of this year, Google confirmed its intention to phase out third-party cookies from the Chrome browser by 2022. After such a statement, figuring out the substitute user identification approach has become one of the key quests for the key players of the digital market.

What is an OTT Monetization Model: Comparing AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, Hybrid

AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, and Hybrid OTT monetization models are on the rise since the coronavirus pandemic has largely kept people in their houses. They prefer to go online for entertainment, which translates to 72% OTT penetration among U.S. households.