TheViewPoint Integrates with FreeWheel

We are excited to announce a newly expanded partnership with FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the television advertising industry.

This partnership introduces a new way for streaming platforms to modernize their ad sales through automation while also building a clearer demand path. Integrating with TVP Direct enables publishers working with FreeWheel to gain greater operational efficiency (which supports automation and scale), robust data security, and real-time reporting for optimization.

Another key component: This partnership offers 200+ brands an opportunity to bypass exchanges when buying TV ad inventory, bridging the gap between supply and demand. 

CTV publishers need technology so that they can scale, work faster, gain a granular understanding of their demand, and eliminate errors. This integration gives sellers using TVP Direct more automation and the purest form of supply path optimization. At the same time, we’re helping the ecosystem minimize the ad tech tax by building an end-to-end system that directly connects advertisers with premium inventory.

“At FreeWheel, we are committed to finding, creating, and innovating new solutions that help buyers and sellers navigate today’s complex and quickly evolving TV ad ecosystem,” said Jon Mansell, VP, U.S. Head of Demand, FreeWheel. “In partnering with TheViewPoint to launch this new solution, our hope is that it will inject greater simplicity, connectivity, and a more optimized supply path into the overall ad buying process so that marketers can realize the full potential of their ad dollars.”

Streaming publishers have historically preferred direct transactions with buyers, favoring a traditional insertion order (IO) process. TheViewPoint fully automated this legacy practice with its TVP Direct product. TVP Direct replaces traditional IOs by instead facilitating direct buys through ad server integration.

Read the full press release here.


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